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Pantry Must-Haves to Maximize Space

I love cooking, and I love shopping! Unfortunately, this has resulted in buying too many ingredients but not having the space to store them all. My pantry and kitchen cupboards are absolutely overflowing with spice jars, flour, sugar, produce, and so many other items. This has made it even more important to organize my kitchen to make space for all the food products I wish to keep around. Whether your pantry is small, medium, or large, keeping it organized is essential for maximizing that space and transforming that boring closet into a picture-perfect food storage space!

Transparent Airtight Containers

Food safety is extremely important when it comes to organizing the pantry. While the aesthetics of a neatly packed kitchen can look great, it is also imperative to make sure that the food stays safe to eat. This is where airtight storage containers are excellent! Perfect for storing dry foods, transparent containers keep your cereal, pasta, and nuts fresh while maintaining a clean, modern look.

Plastic Storage Bins

Plastic bins are a staple in almost every area of the home. These storage superstars are highly versatile and can be used to store anything from small snack packets to produce to cans of soup! Try to find some storage bins with wheels. This is a perfect way to make use of all that floor space ;)


Baskets are the perfect way to store fresh produce. Items like potatoes or lemons that are bulky but don't necessarily need to be kept in an airtight space can end up taking up a lot of space if not properly stored. I also find that my more rounder produce has a bad habit of rolling away when I dig through the pantry to find stuff. Use baskets to keep these items contained. You can even bring the empty baskets out when grocery shopping and place the product right into the baskets and back into your pantry for improved sustainability!

Can Rack

Cans should be relatively easy to store as they are generally all the same size and easily stackable. Still, all it takes is one can to be stacked too high, and the whole can tower can come tumbling down. Use a can rack instead! Similar to a shoe rack, this metal contraption is built to perfectly fit a hearty can of soup and keeps all your can items from being lost in the back of the cupboard.


Also known as the lazy susan, these turntables are perfect for keeping your spices and sauces organized. If you ​​use a lot of spices or condiments, it can be a nightmare to find the right one. With a turntable, you can just spin to find precisely what you want! A pro-tip is to find a turntable with a non-skid surface or lay one down yourself to prevent your bottles from flying all over the place.

Over-the-door Hanging Clear Organizer

Don't have room for extra bins and containers? Make use of the space behind a door instead with clear over-the-door hanging organizers. This organizer is perfect for all those pesky little packets which always end up hidden behind larger items. With everything hanging in clear view, there is no more having to rummage through a bin to find things like cake mix, seasonings, and other small package items.


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