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Book Organization: Shelving and Storage

One of my personal favorite recreational activities is reading. And while I enjoy books from libraries and on my kindle, I also love collecting the physical copies of books that I read. Obviously, this can become a little difficult to maintain in the house, with piles of books accumulating up around the house. So this blog edition is dedicated to all the other avid readers like me. Here are some quick tips to keep your books organized! Whether you want them accessible to read at any time, packed away in long-term storage, or kept around as decoration.


Keeping your books on a bookshelf is probably the most obvious way to store books but also comes with a lot of stylistic choices. Organizing your books onto shelving can take a lot of time but is also incredibly aesthetically rewarding. Here are some of my favorite ways to organize on the bookshelf.

  • By color: Some of the best inspiration for color-organized books comes from Pinterest. Just search rainbow bookshelves, and your feed is instantly filled with beautifully color-coordinated bookshelves.

  • Alphabetical: This is probably the most common way to organize a bookshelf. Stacking your books in alphabetical order, either by title or author, is perfect for readers who always know exactly what book to read but want to cut down on time searching for it.

  • By Genre: If you have ever wanted to read a book but weren't quite sure which book to read, this method is perfect for you. Organizing by Genre allows you to quickly narrow down your search in looking for the perfect book to read.


Sometimes you just can't help but have piles of books lying around the house. Why not make use of this and turn them into artistic pieces. While normally seen as messy, piles can be turned into a great statement piece for your home. Narrow down your stack to 4 or 5 books and position them on your coffee table, kitchen counter, or console with a flower vase. You can also use floating shelves to bring these piles higher and up onto the wall.

Long Term Storage

If displaying your books isn't really your thing, make use of extra space underneath the bed. Cardboard book boxes are cheap, easy to come across and fit perfectly in small spaces. If you want your books to be a little more accessible, consider buying some boxes with wheels that can roll easily in and out from under the bed.


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