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Dollar Store Organization

Balling on a budget? Your solution: The Dollar Store! The go-to shopping experience where every product is ...$1!! From the bedroom to the pantry, storage is one of the most important considerations when creating your home and, let’s be honest, most of us have a lot of stuff! Unfortunately, a lot of storage options out there can become really expensive, really quickly especially with so many rooms to consider. This is where the dollar store comes in. You can create the perfect storage solutions for any room in your home, all on a budget, with the supplies you can find at your local Dollar store. Here are some of my favorite Dollar Store Organizing products for every aesthetic!


Baskets are one of the ultimate storage items. These can be used just about anywhere in the house and for anything! Store away those extra blankets in the living room, cereal boxes in the pantry, tools in the garage, and miscellaneous toys in a playroom. Not only can you use these baskets for multiple things but they also come in many styles. The Dollar store has plastic, wicker, and wire baskets all in many different colors.

Small Trash Cans

Ever wonder what else you could use a plastic trash can for? I find it helpful to just have an extra contained space to store loose items such as extra plastic bags and children's toys. And rather than spending too much money on something like this, I can buy one for just $1 at the dollar store:).

Hanging Racks

Hanging racks are my secret weapon in keeping my apartment clean. While these metal racks are usually just meant for coats or keys, I also use it to hang up my bags, produce from the grocery store, and sometimes even my shoes. This keeps all the items that I would usually throw on the floor up and out of the way leaving the floor clutter free and easy to clean. These can also help you keep small items like jewelry, socks, sunglasses, and all your other favorite accessories organized in the bedroom!

Folding Cubes

Collapsable storage containers are the perfect solution for a messy closet or a child’s playroom. The amount of clothes and toys that one may have is forever changing. To avoid overpaying or under buying expensive containers, use fabric folding cubes! These come in many sizes to hold anything you need but can also fold flat and neatly out the way while you’re not using them.


Take a stroll down the stationary aisle and you'll find all kinds of labels for super cheap! The Dollar Store has the classic looking chalkboard labels for containers in your pantry as well as fun colorful labels perfect for a playroom!


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