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Underutilized IKEA Organizing Treasures

Everyone loves IKEA - from their Swedish meatballs to their thousands of organizational furniture - they have basically everything! But let's face it, a trip to IKEA can get very overwhelming very quickly. When you're not entirely sure what you need, it seems as if there is almost TOO MUCH choice. Well, you don't need a million different types of boxes or super-specific organizing furniture pieces; simple items can double up and be used for various things. So if you want to get in and out of IKEA without a truck full of items, are looking for some new ideas, or just want to put a quick order in online, here are some underutilized IKEA products!

Under-bed Storage - Look at the SKUBB Storage Case

One of the most underutilized spaces in your home is the empty space under your bed. IKEA has a large online section dedicated to its under-the-bed storage. Still, it doesn't really matter which item you purchase, the space under a bed can be one of the handiest hidden storage areas in the home when you make the most of it. This, usually “dead” space is perfect for storing luggage, out-of-season clothing, linens, shoes, and really anything that you're not likely to need on a daily basis. Just measure out the length, width, and height underneath your bed and choose the under-the-bed storage option that fits!

Bathroom Cart - Look at the RÅSKOG Utility Cart

The bathroom cart is my absolute favorite multipurpose piece of organizational

furniture and, in my opinion, the most underutilized. Starting at only $9 at IKEA, the bathroom cart can really be whatever you want it to be. Use in your kitchen to store fresh produce, the closet to organize unmentionables, the bathroom for beauty or cleaning products, and even your house's entertainment area as a bar cart. These carts are usually small enough to roll under counters and out of sight, plus the wheels mean you can move it to wherever suits you at the time!

Hanging Clothes Organizers - Look at the STUK Storage with Compartments

I usually see hanging clothes organizers marketed towards kids or college students, but these inexpensive space savers are actually great for organizing all kinds of things throughout your home once you think outside the box. IKEA has some more mature colored hanging organizers for extremely low prices. Here are a few ideas for what you can store:

  • Loose paper and envelopes

  • Toilet paper and paper towels

  • Cleaning products

  • Linens

  • Towels

  • Stationary

Paper Boxes - Look at the TJENA Storage Box

Paper boxes! Usually, when thinking of what to use these boxes for, our minds immediately go to paper as that's what is in their name. But these boxes are essentially just that... boxes, and so you can use them for whatever you may need a box for! One big difference is that these boxes are made super light-weight and with keeping things dust-free in mind. There are plenty of paper boxes sold in IKEA that are made out of sustainable materials. Next time when you're organizing your home or closet, instead of looking for plastic bins, just head on over to IKEA and grab some paper boxes!

Magazine Files - Look at the TJABBA Magazine File

At only $0.59 for two, magazine files are a cheap way to organize the rest of your odds and ends. The TJABBA also has the cutest smiley faces design cut into the sides. Some storage ideas for this are:

  • Fresh produce holder in the pantry

  • Extra toilet paper holder

  • Gift wrapping station

  • Curling iron holder

  • Eye shadow palette storage

  • Tupperware lid storage

Shoe Cabinets - Look at the BISSA Shoe Cabinet

Instead of throwing your shoes off into a large pile at your front door, make use of a shoe cabinet. These will keep your copious amounts of shoes organized and out of the way, opening up more space around your front door. This cabinet also creates a designated space for your keys, purses, and backpacks, making sure you never misplace them ever again. You can also turn this shoe cabinet into a decoration opportunity; add a lovely vase of flowers on top for a beautiful pop of color!

Plastic Trash Can - Look at the FNISS Trash Can

Ever wonder what else you could your plastic trash can for? Sometimes it's helpful to just have an extra bin around to keep your extra plastic bags, children's toys, or garage tools. Some more sustainable ideas include turning your trash bin into a rain barrel or using it as a composter. These plastic trash cans can also be repurposed into a vegetable planter or house plant pot.

Bags - Look at the FRAKTA Bag

Finally, the iconic IKEA bag. When I think of IKEA, my thoughts immediately go to the ICONIC blue and yellow bags, so this blog post would be incomplete without a section on the FRAKTA bag. This bag is perfect for carrying large amounts of groceries and fresh produce. Take this example a step further and hang one of these bags in your pantry to store food in after you've bought it. The FRAKTA bag is also waterproof and super sturdy, so also consider some more creative uses such as cutting it into an apron or rain cover for outdoor furniture.



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