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I was going to fold the Clothes, but instead I held You

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

:: by Regan Long ::


The following slideshow explains why The Detailed Life focuses its Household Management services on busy parents and why so many of our clients choose to seek our support instead of trying to handle all time-consuming errands and tedious in-home tasks on their own.

"Regan Long has two passions in life. One is being a mother, and the other is writing. Her ultimate dream came true after she and her husband, Terry, were blessed with their four children, Kendyl, Kaden and Kennedy, and Kelsey. Regan has found such inspiration navigating through motherhood and not only is able to capture some empowering moments that she has experienced, but seeks inspiration from women of all ages trying to handle one of the toughest jobs in this universe." (

In this beautiful slideshow, she expresses the struggles of juggling motherhood, career, household chores and life and makes a clear statement that the precious moments with your little ones are simply too important and short lived to allow yourself to miss out on them while keeping a clean house.

"This time is so short. Soon you will be in a toddler bed. So, today, my to-do list will wait. I will hold you instead. 🤱🏽

Read the full piece by Regan Long here:"


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