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How Often You Should Be Replacing Household Items

When was the last time you bought new towels? Or changed your water filter? What about throwing out your old dish sponge and cleaning rags? Our homes, even the cleanest ones, are full of everyday items long past their expiration dates. The pillows, makeup brushes, shoes, and appliances we all hold on to for way too long all harbor germs and bacteria that could be affecting the overall cleanliness of your home. A lot of the time, we hold on to these things simply because we don’t know when to throw them out or replace them. To make things a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of some everyday household items and their expiration dates to help you create a healthier, cleaner home.

Around the House

Smoke detectors: Every 10 years

Smoke detector batteries: Every 6 months

Air conditioners: Should last 10-15 years

Air filters: Once a month

Medicine: Read the expiration labels then safely dispose

Cleaning rags: Once a month or after 30 uses

Carpet: Replace every 5-15; depending on wear

Couch: Replace very 7 to 15 years; depending on wear


Dish sponges: Replace every 2-4 weeks; depends on how often you use and clean disinfect it

Water filter: Every 2 months

Spices: Replace ground spices every six months, and whole spices every three to five years.

Nonstick cookware: Every 5 years, or when coating is damaged

Big appliances: Every 10 years Small kitchen appliances: Every 10 to 12 years


Hand and bath towels: Wash daily and replace every 2 years

Shower liner: Wash weekly and replace yearly

Bath mats: Every 2-3 years

Toothbrush: Replace every 2–3 months, or sooner if the bristles begin to fray

Toilet brush: Every 6 months, or sooner if the bristles begin to fray

Makeup brushes: Every three months, and makeup sponges every 1-2 months


Bed Sheets: Every 2-3 years

Pillows: After a year or 2

Mattress: Every 8-10 years

Pillowcases: Should be washed weekly and replaced every few years


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