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Raising Organized Kids

Howdy y’all! Today, I wanted to remind you that organization does not have to be stressful...especially, when you turn it into a team project! Get your kids excited about being part of the organization team. If you include organizing throughout their weekly routine, they will build lifelong habits.

TIP #1: Lead by example. Show your children how you care for your space. Your kids will notice when you make a consistent effort to donate old belongings, to sort the items in your home, and to create practical systems for those items.

TIP #2: Involve them in donation decisions. Explain what happens with your donations, who they benefit and why it's important not to hold on to items that are no longer needed. I strongly believe in "one in, two out", meaning that before they get permission to choose a new toy, they have to let two old ones go.

TIP #3: Start small. For example - don’t try to organize the playroom in one sitting. Set a timer for 15 minutes and sort through a few toy bins. The next day, tackle another part of the room. You will make progress in no time! Committing to 15 minutes is much less daunting than committing to a full day of organizing.

TIP #4: Make it fun! Creativity is KEY when organizing your the little ones. Turn on their favorite music, dance as you work, and make a game out of your project.



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