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Bathroom Supplies That Will Keep You Organized

Updated: May 11, 2021

Kat’s Go-To Products by the Room

- The Bathroom -

Happy Wednesday! We hope that everyone had an action packed St. Patricks Day. Last week we gave you an array of organizing options for your kitchen. We are back at it again this week with supplies for bathrooms! It’s time to say no to counter tops covered with shampoos, tooth paste and old contact seals. This week, we challenge you to wipe off the countertops and order some of these life changing supplies. As you can see, we like to work mostly with clear organizers in this room, simply because they give it a very clean look. LET’S GET ORGANIZED :)

- Stackable drawer organizers for top drawers

- Deep-drawer organizers for deeper drawers

- Under-sink storage drawers for your overlow

- Turntable for hairsprays, lotions and shampoos

- Baskets or clear bins for your bathroom closet (depending on your style)

And there you have it, folks!


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