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Ways to Show Appreciation on Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air! Valentine's Day is coming up soon, and you may be looking for ways to show the people you love that you care about them. But this holiday is not all just about big gestures and expensive gifts. Sometimes it's the small things, the little details, that really show someone that you love them. Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to spread a little extra love and let the special people in your life — whether it's your mom, father figure, best friend, or anyone else in between — know that you appreciate them. So here are some small ways to say "I love you" this Valentine's Day <3

Give the Gift of Organizing

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Make Their Morning

Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, waking up in the morning can be tough. As a little surprise, make your loved one some coffee, Whip up a delicious breakfast spread on Valentine's Day, and enjoy it lounging in bed. It will be a nice change of pace from the usual morning hustle and bustle. Let them relax and enjoy a lazy morning in bed this Valentine's Day.

Give a Clean Start

There's nothing better than the fresh scent of a newly cleaned house. A clean home means peace of mind and a place to relax. Surprise your loved one by giving the house a nice cleaning. If you're not typically in charge of housekeeping, surprising your loved one with a freshly cleaned home is likely to make their hearts flutter. At the very least, it will make your Valentine feel like you appreciate the hard work that goes into keeping a tidy home.

Put Your Love on Paper

What better way to profess your undying love to your Valentine other than with the written word? You don't have to be a literary genius. The fact that you're taking the time to sit down and grab a pen and paper and actually write a love letter is a huge statement. It shows what you think of that other person and how much regard you have for them. Love letters may be a dying art in the digital age, but there's a reason they've been around for millennia. The level of time, care, and personalization they require makes them incredibly meaningful to both give and receive.

Plus, unlike a text message or a snap, they're a physical keepsake.

A Classic Bouquet

Always a classic Valentine's day gift. Everyone loves flowers! Sending a loved one a bouquet of flowers can not only brighten their day but also add some color to their home. Even if you may not be able to spend time with that special someone in your life this year, it doesn't mean you can't still show them your appreciation. Many companies do flower deliveries where you can shop for the perfect bouquet online and have it delivered straight to your Valentine's doorstep!

Cook a Meal

Cook a special meal with your sweetheart this Valentine's Day. A special home-cooked meal can be so much more romantic than going out to eat at a super busy restaurant. Even if either of you doesn't have chef-worthy skills, you can still make a memorable dinner you'll both enjoy. Search up a recipe or Youtube tutorial and enjoy the quality time. There are plenty of dinners for two options to choose from that are not only delicious but easy to do.

Express Your Love Through Music

Music is a fantastic way to bond emotionally. Take some time to put together a playlist for your loved one on your favorite streaming service. Choose songs that spark memories of your relationship or simply some tunes that you know your person would love. Be sure to add some personal sentiment to the playlist and share what you love about each song, as well as the person you love.



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