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Save valuable Closet Space with Nuuly

I recently organized a client’s super adorable 1 BR bungalow close to downtown Austin. It has everything you could ask for except for the obvious…storage! With the help of a dresser, we were able to make room for all of her current clothes but were left with absolutely NO ROOM for any new findings. Luckily, she had already put some thought into this and introduced Nuuly as her solution.

I have to admit, until then I had never heard of this specific fashion subscription but I absolutely love the concept. “For $88 a month, you can rent any six items you choose from 150+ brands, including selections from our own Anthropologie, Free People and Urban Outfitters family.” At the end of the month, you either ship back the entire order or you have the option to purchase what you really like at a discounted price (which I discouraged from in this case haha). The difference between this subscription and others is that Nuuly encourages you to actually wear the clothes for a month while others only send you items to try on and return if you don’t like them.

This super fun clothing rental service comes in really handy when you live in an apartment or home with small closets. Think about it, you get to wear “new outfits” every month but your closet inventory never grows. Just perfect!


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