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Introducing Ridwell

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Small actions add up when you're trying to be more eco-friendly around the home. One of the best ways to be more eco-friendly is to reduce and reuse household waste but getting rid of recyclable items is not as easy as it may seem. Old batteries have to be delivered to one place, broken light bulbs to another…it can get really confusing. Introducing the solution to this problem… meet Ridwell! Created by a father and son duo who believe that wasting less should be easy, Ridwell picks up your waste right from your front door and makes sure it gets to the right place!

What It Is

Ridwell is a subscription-based service that collects hard to recycle items and delivers them to local partners who responsibly reuse or recycle them, helping companies close the loop. What started as a small neighborhood initiative with a son and dad collecting their neighbors' waste in a 'recyclable potluck' spread beyond their neighborhood into a growing business that has saved over 4 million pounds of waste from the landfill. Initially only available in Seattle, Portland, Denver, and Minneapolis, Ridwell has finally arrived in Austin!

How It Works

Sign up on the Ridwell website to become a member and receive a Ridwell bin and a set of reusable cloth bags.

Members fill their bags with batteries, light bulbs, plastic film, threads, and a rotating featured category (such as books, small electronics, or non-perishable food).

Drivers collect full Ridwell bags every two weeks and leave empty bags in the bin.

Ridwell makes sure the collected items are responsibly reused and recycled by carefully vetted local partners dedicated to wasting less.

The Bottom Line

Wasting less should be easy, and getting rid of things in an earth-friendly way should be simple and enjoyable. Filling up reusable cloth bags may feel like a small step towards a more sustainable world. Still, those little actions are what have led Ridwell to divert millions of pounds from landfills. There are now more than 35,000 Ridwell members, and since COVID-19 started in March 2020, members in Seattle alone have diverted:

Over 330,000 pounds of clothing, shoes, and fabrics.

Over 325,000 pounds of plastic film.

Over 80,000 pounds of batteries.

Over 25,000 pounds of light bulbs.

While still only a small business, Ridwell has accomplished a lot and is constantly growing. We, at The Detailed Life, are excited to introduce Ridwell to Austin and encourage everyone to go check out their Website!



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