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Burning Questions: The Initial Consultation

Hello hello, everyone! Have you ever wanted to know more about The Detailed Life's process when it comes to taking on a project? Do you have some quick questions before reaching out for a consultation, or just really needed to know how much mess is too much? Well... I'm going to ask all these questions and more in our new blog series: Burning Questions!! With a little help from Business Owner Kat Farrior, each week, we will go step by step through The Detailed Life's process and answer any and all questions about each step.

To start us off, this week's blog is about The Initial Consultation. Depending on your situation, sessions may include a free in-home consultation session or a paid option. The paid DIY consultation is for customers who want to organize their homes by themselves but lack inspiration and aren't sure which supplies to use for their project. Simply schedule a consultation with us, and we will follow up with an e-mail full of design ideas. While we are at your home, we will take photos and measure the area(s) you want to work on, so we can give you specific recommendations for supplies that work best in your space.

What usually happens during a consultation?

Kat: "During a consultation session, we discuss the client's wants and needs as well as their biggest challenges staying organized. We also take photos and measurements of the space(s) that need help to follow up with a design."

How long does a consultation generally take?

Kat: "If only one space is to be discussed, it usually takes no longer than 30 minutes, but a lot of times, our clients like to go over several areas at once, which can take up to an hour."

What information should clients prepare before going into the consultation?

Kat: "In a consultation, we ask a lot of questions to get a good understanding of the client's needs."

What type of questions do you ask in a consultation?

Kat: "One of the most common questions is, "When was the last time you've purged?" Purging is very important since a lot of times, we hold on to items we really don't have any need for anymore. Instead of figuring out how to fit everything in a certain space, it is important to evaluate what's even needed still.

When clients want to get their entire house organized, we also ask about their priority area. In order to avoid overwhelming the client, we like to work through the house a few rooms at a time, starting with the ones that bother them most."

What does a complete organizing job include?

Kat: "There are different kinds of organizing jobs, but the most common ones include the initial consultation followed by design development and supply suggestions. Once the client ok's the supplies, either they or we place the orders, and when everything has arrived, we get started with the actual job - editing, categorizing & reorganizing."

How long does the process take from consultation to end product?

Kat: "That depends on the lead time for the supplies and the size of the project. During 2020, supply orders were delayed quite a bit due to Covid, but at this point, we usually get everything within the week. We generally schedule the project no sooner than one week after the consultation."

How much does it cost?

Kat: "General organizing projects are charged on an hourly basis, with the lead organizer being billed at $75/hour and all additional organizers at $50/hour. Visit for all other pricing."

How many projects do you take on at one time?

Kat: "There really isn't a limit as long as they are spaced out to accommodate each client's needs. Depending on the size of a project, we work on four to five per week."



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