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Burning Questions: Design Development and Product Suggestions

Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying the ~very slightly~ cooler weather as we make our way into a lovely Texas fall. Last week’s installation of Burning Questions covered The Initial Consultation. I hope you’re sitting at the edge of your seat because today we are taking a behind-the-scenes look at everything that goes into Design Development and Product Suggestions! Once again sending a very big thank you to The Detailed Life’s Business Owner, Kat Farrior, for helping us out and answering any and all questions!

What is your design process like?

Kat: "During the initial consultation session, we take measurements and photos of all of the areas that need help. Now we sit down and put thought into the best possible set up and products for those areas based on the measurements we have. Oftentimes, we need to get creative since many Texas homes are very limited on storage space."

What kinds of products are there and what do you usually recommend?

Kat: "Supply options are pretty much unlimited and what we recommend very much depends on the style of the client's home and the available space. We wouldn't want to use wooden boxes and other rustic looking bins in a modern home. For the most part, it should all creative a soft flow but every now and then we like to add some accent items."

Are there products that are overrated?

Kat: "I think this depends a bit on personal preference. There are many overpriced items that seem to be the obvious choice but can easily be replaced with much more affordable options that work just as well."

Are there products that are underrated?

Kat: "Absolutely. Lately, I have found excellent options at Ikea that are much cheaper and super durable. Unfortunately, this oftentimes requires a trip to the store since shipping through Ikea isn't cheap."

How much do the products usually cost?

Kat: "Organizing bins can literally range from $2.99 to $39.99 per bin. Again, it really depends on the client's personal preference and style which products we choose for each project. In very high-end homes, we definitely focus on higher-end products but if a client wants to stick to a lower budget, it is no problem at all to get them organized without spending a fortune on supplies."

How much input do you take from the client?

Kat: "As much as we can get :) We want each client to be happy with the end result, so we try to get as much input as possible during the initial consultation in order to get a good grasp on their vision & preferences."

How many products do you generally need to purchase per room?

Kat: "There really is no set number. Some clients are already well equipped with supplies and we always try our best not to let them go to waste. Many times, the existing items are just not used in the best possible way but can be utilized for other things. Other times, we have to order a lot of bins and trays since the supplies are really the key to a successful project."

Do you take house aesthetics into consideration?

Kat: "Absolutely. Organizers should always fit into the overall design of the home."

Do you use any programs or websites (like Pinterest!) for designing?

Kat: "We have used Pinterest in the past but all of our organizers have different sources of inspiration. I spend a lot of time on Instagram collecting ideas from other organizing companies and supply manufacturers."



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