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A quick Make-up Station Overhaul

Good morning organizers! I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a very busy April. This month flew by! Let’s have a little chat about organizing during busy seasons of life. Remember - organization is a journey...not a destination! Getting organized should not be a stressful activity. We want organization to bring you peace of mind and, if anything, to help combat feeling overwhelmed in everyday life. Little actions lead to big results - so don’t feel like you need to complete a massive organization project every week. Start small. I urge you to spend 15 minutes this week organizing your makeup drawer. It’s okay if you don’t finish - just start! If your makeup drawer is a scary place, commit to 15 minutes each week. Over time - you will have a clean beauty station in no time!

TIP #1: Evaluate which products you actually use. Gather any and all makeup products from around the house. Set them on a table. Sort the products into these 3 categories: 1) Daily Use 2) Extra Product 3) Dispose / Recycle.

TIP #2: Keep daily products on the counter. Only put the products that you actually use everyday in eyesight - this will eliminate visual clutter. It will also make getting ready in the morning much easier. If you feel extra inspired, clean your mirrors and makeup brushes.

TIP #3: Store extra products under the sink. Any extra items that you may have should be stored in bins out of sight. Keep in mind, if you have too many extra items, it will be challenging to find what you are looking for when you need a certain product. Keep back stock items to a minimum.

TIP #4: Switch out makeup storage containers. Spice up your room decor by changing out your makeup organization products. You can find many great options at The Container Store and on Amazon. You can choose from an assortment of acrylic, white, or bamboo organization products. (You could also get creative using a spare mason jar or pencil holder from around the house to store makeup brushes).

We hope the rest of your week is wonderful - UNTIL NEXT TIME:)


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