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Very Small Closet Ideas

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

This one goes out to all of the college students, New Yorkers, and condo owners that read our blogs :-) Today we are discussing some ways to properly utilize a small closet space. Remember that in order to organize any space, it is important to declutter first. No closet will look good if there are too many (unused) items stored in it. Be thoughtful about the items you keep. In the end this will help you to maintain an organized space and it will make getting dressed in the morning a much faster process.

Tip #1: Design a Seasonal Set Up

Don’t shove all of your clothing items into the closet! Store your out-of-season clothing in large bins. You don’t need your winter coat in July, so why would you hang it up in the summer when there is already so little room to start with?

Tip #2: Purchase a Dresser

You can find a high-quality dresser on Facebook Marketplace for very little money. Store undergarments, workout clothes, bathing suits, pajamas, and accessories in dresser drawers to free up space in the closet. Make sure the dresser drawers are functional before you purchase a dresser. There is nothing more annoying than struggling to open your pajam drawer at night and a squeaky drawer is just THE WORST! Once you do find a dresser that works for you, order drawer organizers on Amazon; trust me - they are life changing.

Tip #3: Color Code

Hanging items should be color coded and hung on identical hangers. This is a great way to achieve a pinterest-worthy aesthetic closet vibe! I typically like to color code in this order:


  • RED




  • BLUE



This order is just a guide to follow - don’t get too caught up on it! Do what works best for your closet.

Tip #4: Don’t Ignore Shoes!

Make sure you purchase a shoe rack for the bottom of your closet, hang a shoe organizer over the door or organize your shoes in bins underneath the bed. A pile of shoes at the bottom of your small closet is just going to make the space look even more tiny and cluttered. Only keep the shoes that you wear. For those of us that run, dance, or participate in other activities that require a special shoe, set up a separate system for hobby shoes. I am a dancer and a runner. I have a rule that I only keep 2-3 running shoes during any given period. I donate used running shoes to Goodwill every six months. As for my dance shoes, I keep them on a shoe rack in the garage.

I hope that you found some of these tips helpful! With a little creativity, it can be a blast to organize a small space.



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