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15 Things you should Throw Away, Recycle or Donate to create a more Organized Home!

1. Expired Spices & Condiments - especially those thrown in your bag at your favorite fast-food joint. 2. Expired Medication 3. Tattered Towels - donate them to an animal rescue; they'll love you for it. 4. Smelly Sponges 5. Shower Curtains older than 6 Months 6. Old, unopened Mail 7. Nearly empty Alcohol Bottles 8. Obsolete Cords 9. Unworn Clothes & Shoes - I admit, it is a lot harder to get rid of those but give it a try anyway ;) 10. Old Make-up 11. Mismatched Dinnerware - unless you're still in college; you'll get a pass then

;) 12. Toothbrushes older than 3 Months 13. Dated Magazines - simply rip out the articles/recipes you want to keep and file them away in a binder 14. Broken Technology 15. Plastic Grocery Bags - please look for stores that take them back #gogreenorgohome


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