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The 15-Minute Organization Challenge

Hi there, The Detailed Life followers! This week, we’ve decided to keep things light and are bringing you a short organizational challenge for each day of the week. The task is simple; set a timer for 15 minutes, focus on one organization project and enjoy the feeling of having a bit more order in your home! Ready? Set? GO!

Monday - Sort The Sock Drawer: We know…the sock drawer can be a VERY scary place. Depending on the drawer, this might be a task that takes longer than 15 minutes. That’s okay though! Just make as much progress as you can in the allotted time. If you chip away at it little by little, your sock drawer will be stylin’ in no time. Start by identifying which socks belong to you, which socks belong to your partner, and which socks should be moved to the kids’ rooms. Once you’ve done that, pair together matching socks, and dispose of any socks without a matching pair.

Tuesday - Sort Papers: Gather all the loose papers in your home. Sort them into 3 categories: 1) Hard Copy, 2) Paperless, 3) Toss. Taking 15 minutes to organize your papers into these three simple groups will lay the groundwork for you to quickly sort through them later when you have more time. For more information on paper organization check out our blog post, Tackling the Piles of Paper.

Wednesday - Cosmetic Clean Out: Dispose of any (almost) empty makeup and shower products. Throw empty ones away and see if you can combine any half empty bottles. This should take about 5 minutes. Use the remaining 10 minutes to clean your makeup brushes. Soak the brushes in warm water. Gently massage your choice of brush cleanser through the bristles of each item. Run water over each brush to remove the cleaning product. Squeeze out excess water, then lay the makeup brushes on a small hand towel to dry.

Thursday - Clean the Condiment Shelves: Open your fridge and gather all of the condiments. Dispose of any empty or expired bottles. Wipe down the shelves of the refrigerator door. Put the condiments on the shelves grouping like items together. For example: shelf 1 - salad dressing, shelf 2 - sandwich condiments, shelf 3 - dipping sauces.

Friday - Backyard Sweep: Pick up any items such as cups, toys, and shoes from the backyard. Put the items in their proper places. If time permits, sweep the surfaces of porches and patios.

And there ya have it folks! Until next week,

The Detailed Life


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