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Organization Must Haves for your Closet

Kat's Go-to Products by the Room

- The Closet -

Did you miss us? Because let me tell you, WE MISSED YOU! :) We are coming to you with a brand spankin’ new list of must have products... and this time for the closet. I think it’s safe to say that closet organization is the most fun of all organizing projects and if you have some extra shelving space, be sure to turn your closet into your own little boutique by matching your favorite purse with a pair of pumps and a summer hat that makes a statement at any outdoor festivity.

Keep your closet looking fresh and clean all year round with these special items.

Velvet adult hangers for shirts & dresses

Velvet kids hangers for pants & jeans

Velvet hanger clips for skirts and shorts

Baskets or bins for miscellaneous items

Drawer organizers for closet or dresser drawers

And there you have it, folks!


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