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C O V I D - 1 9    F U N D R A I S E R.


This fundraiser is NOT associated with THE DETAILED LIFE but TDL would like to support this great cause during this tough time:

My good friend, Miguelina, is running a cleaning service that I consistently recommend to my home organizing clients. Unfortunately, her business is suffering a lot due to COVID-19. Since she doesn't want to let her crew go, she lets them clean the few houses she has left at this time, holding herself over with savings. Thankfully, she isn't just a great employer but also makes amazing tamales (pork & chicken) that she is now offering for $15/dozen to her neighbors in South Austin.


I first posted this on Nextdoor with incredible feedback leading to a major "backup in production" :) I am very thankful for everyone who is helping Micky this way to keep herself and her family afloat.

Since coordinating all orders on Nextdoor has become very tedious and I am still trying to run my own business, I created this form where you can simply add your information and we will reach out to you when she is all caught up and the next batch of tamales is being made.

Payment can be made conveniently via cash or VENMO; pick up is in the Westgate neighborhood (exact address will be provided when we coordinate pick-up).

Tamale Order Form
Orders per Dozen:
Preferred Payment Method:

Thanks for Ordering!

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